Leonhard Kurz at K 2016: New decoration technologies for plastic surfaces

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Leonhard Kurz has been broadening its range of coating technologies and at K 2016 will be exhibiting its latest decoration solutions for the automotive, consumer electronics and home appliances sectors. The new IPD-Skin (Individual Post Decoration) process will be demonstrated live on a thermoforming machine from Niebling at the Kurz booth A 19 in Hall 5. Using the IPD-Skin process, a thin decorative layer will be transferred and permanently bonded onto a finished part. This process is especially suitable for the cost-effective decoration of small-run items and prototypes. It also enables highly curved components to be decorated, and can produce pronounced tactile structures.

A new technology developed by Kurz in cooperation with Bond Laminates is a combined hybrid molding and in-mold decoration process. This process involves coating a semi-finished fiber composite part with plastic and decorating it in a single work operation. Kurz will be exhibiting decorated thin-walled components from a variety of industries and with various surface designs at K 2016.

Further decorative innovations will be demonstrated in the area of light management. Kurz will be presenting a wide range of design solutions for exclusive ambient lighting with partial or full-surface translucency, depth effects, or a variety of transparency levels. Besides backlightable surface designs, Kurz will also be showcasing the integration of touch and gesture functions, and the implementation of dead front effects. At the trade fair booth, the transformation of a closed decorative surface into a backlit control panel by means of gesture activation will be demonstrated. On the subject of smart surfaces, visitors will also be able to see innovative applications of multitouch functionality and gesture control by means of capacitive sensors based on the PolyTC technology of the Kurz subsidiary PolyIC. For further information, visit the KURZ booth A19 in Hall 5 at K 2016 in Düsseldorf from 19 to 26 October.

About LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

Zum Unternehmen: Die KURZ-Gruppe ist ein weltweit führendes Unternehmen der Heißpräge- und Beschichtungstechnologie. KURZ entwickelt und produziert auf Trägerfolien applizierte Dekorations- und Funktionsschichten für verschiedenste Einsatzgebiete: metallisierte, pigmentierte und holografische Prägefolien für Verpackungen oder Printprodukte, Oberflächenfinishes für Elektronikgeräte oder Automobilteile, Schutz- und Dekorlacke für Möbel oder Haushaltsgeräte, Echtheits-Kennzeichen für Markenartikel, Metallic-Applikationen für Textilien und differenzierte Beschichtungen für viele weitere Anwendungen. Mit 4.700 Mitarbeitern in zwölf Werken in Europa, Asien und den USA, 24 internationalen Niederlassungen und einem weltweiten Netz an Vertretungen und Verkaufsbüros fertigt und vertreibt die KURZ-Gruppe eine umfassende Produktpalette zur Oberflächenveredelung, Dekoration, Kennzeichnung und Fälschungssicherheit, abgerundet durch ein umfangreiches Programm an Prägemaschinen und Prägewerkzeugen. Darüber hinaus investiert KURZ kontinuierlich in neue Technologien und entwickelt innovative Lösungen für die Integration von Funktionen in Oberflächen.

About KURZ: The KURZ Group is a global leader in hot stamping and coating technology. KURZ develops and manufactures decorative and functional layers applied to carrier foils for a large variety of applications. The range includes metallized, pigmented and holographic stamping foils for packaging or print products, surface finishes for electronic devices or automotive parts, protective and decorative lacquers for furniture or household appliances, authenticity features for brand name items, metallic applications for textiles, and different types of coatings for many other applications. With 4,700 employees in twelve production plants in Europe, Asia and the USA, 24 international subsidiaries and a global network of agencies and sales offices, the KURZ Group manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of products for surface finishing, decoration, marking and counterfeit protection, rounded off by an extensive range of stamping machines and stamping tools. KURZ also continuously invests in new technologies, and is developing innovative solutions for integrating functionality into surfaces.