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Delta will be demonstrating its full range of Energy Storage Solutions at the Energy Storage Summit 2024, Europe’s largest networking event for energy storage, taking place in the UK. As a leader in the field, Delta will present its comprehensive range of energy storage solutions tailored for both Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and Utility applications. Delta will focus on its innovative approaches to energy saving, grid challenges, and energy management, highlighting the company’s dedication to advancing energy technology and sustainability.

In the commercial and industrial sectors, the market is increasingly demanding efficient, reliable, and scalable energy solutions. Delta’s SKID-based plug-and-play Energy Storage System (ESS) has been engineered for this application. This solution not only helps businesses meet their ESG, carbon reduction, and power delivery needs, but it also enables innovative actions to save electricity bills and increase EV charger’s capacity or income through peak shaving, load shifting, etc., as long as applying self-consumption optimization with solar power. With a skid-mounted design, the ESS comes from the factory with the power conditioning system, batteries, all the necessary internal cabling and switchgear, as well as control and communication systems pre-configured for the optional DeltaGrid® energy management system.

For utility applications, the key is how and when to control and dispatch power to the grid while considering the site efficiency, relieving pressure on the power grid that is caused by contingencies, and further improving reliability, stability, and resiliency. By utilizing a highly integrated system that includes self-developed MW level Power Conditional Systems (PCS) Battery Systems, DeltaGrid® Energy Management System, and PV Inverters for power backup, PV plant, and gird applications, Delta focuses on supporting utility companies in managing the dynamic nature of today’s energy landscape.
Delta warmly invites all attendees of the Energy Storage Summit 2024 to visit their booth, number 35, at the Novotel London West International Centre on February 20 & 21, to explore Delta’s latest innovations in energy storage and discuss how these can be integrated into various energy systems for a sustainable future.