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Delta, a global leading provider of power solutions and thermal management, will present its pioneering 5kW DC-DC Power Conversion and Charging Unit for Hydrogen Fuel Cells at Hannover Messe 2023.The unit leverages Delta’s core competence in high-efficiency power systems to include a unique built-in 6-phase boost topology design, which helps to protect the integrity of power equipment by preventing abrupt current spikes that hydrogen fuel cells may produce. Its wide input voltage from 36 to 75V broadens its potential to support several applications powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Moreover, the unit can also convert 43.2 ~ 57.6 V output voltage for the Li-ion batteries of electrical equipment.

Hiroshi Chiu, General Manager of Delta’s Personal Computer Business Unit, said “Guided by its corporate mission, ‘To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow’, Delta continuously develops next-generation high-efficiency power supplies to support critical infrastructure and equipment for carbon emissions reduction. As hydrogen power is gradually becoming a major game-changer technology for mankind’s energy transition, our team applied Delta’s expertise in high-efficiency power electronics to develop this new 5kW DC-DC power conversion and charging unit as an integrated solution to enhance the power-generating process of hydrogen fuel cells. With its interleaved multi-phase boost design and wide input voltage, the unit is especially suitable for several applications that are increasingly adopting hydrogen fuel cells.”

The multi-phase interleaved boost design inside the unit features 6 phase diagrams to shunt sudden rise currents from hydrogen fuel cells. It also allows 36 ~ 75 V wide input voltage and converts to 43.2 ~ 57.6 V output voltage for the Li-ion batteries of electrical devices. “Power limit” is also another highlight of the unit, which alters the power supply speed in accordance with the energy-generating capability of various hydrogen fuel cells. The unit also features up to 93% efficiency, which is key to help reduce carbon footprint. The RS-485 Modbus protocol and in-built digital signal processor (DSP) allow users to have real-time bi-directional communication with the unit and send the required signals.

We welcome you to visit the Delta’s booth at Hall 11, Stand C20 at Hannover Messe 2023 to learn more about Delta’s advanced 5kW DC-DC Power Conversion and Charging Unit.

About Delta’s Power and System Business Group (PSBG)
Since Delta started the mass production of switching power supplies in 1983, PSBG has been dedicated to the development of cutting-edge and energy-saving power products and systems to empower the innovation of cloud computing, network connectivity, client devices, industrial, medical, lighting, appliance, e-mobility, and other applications. Together with our global customers, Delta’s PSBG will continue to develop next-generation power technologies to empower a smart and energy-efficient future.