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As renewable energy and new energy development become a global issue, DFI, the world leading brand in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, was awarded the 2023 16th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA) – “Corporate Sustainability Report Awards – Gold Award for Electronics and IT Manufacturing Industry”

In addition to following the related standards and regulations, DFI has introduced green design guidelines/directions, improving product energy reduction by nearly 40% and over 90% of system products now use easy-to-recycle materials.

The “2023 16th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award” organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy had a record number of 526 participating companies, marking a 24% increase compared to the previous year. Over the years, a total of 731 companies have participated in the awards, representing 80% of the total market value of the Taiwan Stock Exchange-listed companies. This not only underscores the significance of ESG for major corporations but also highlights the difficulty of winning these awards.

Furthermore, this is the second award that DFI, which won the “Corporate Sustainability Report Awards – Gold Award for Electronics and IT Manufacturing Industry”, has won, moving up from the Bronze Award to the Gold Award. This achievement is attributed not only to the establishment of clear sustainability objectives and adherence to international standards and regulations such as SASB, TCFD, and GRI but also to the development of four major green design standards for its products.

The green design standards include “Reduction”, which avoids the redevelopment of standard boards. The number of new standard products was reduced by 12%; “Hazardous Substance Management”, which ensures the parts must comply with the EU RoHS directive and REACH regulations; “Energy Conservation”, which has achieved an energy reduction of 38.7% for motherboards, reducing power consumption and carbon emissions; and “Product Disposal/Recycling”, which has resulted in over 90% of system products using easy-to-recycle materials and the smelting of steel and aluminum for reuse. DFI is reducing the potential negative impacts of products and components during every stage to develop the sustainable value of its products.

DFI President Alexander Su stated, “Our sustainability goals are clear. In addition to advocating for RE100 with the group, we are strengthening sustainable governance. In this year’s Sustainability Report, we adopted international standards and guidelines, set short, medium, and long term sustainability goals, and linked the usage settings of our main products with the actions plans for the 17 UN SDGs to achieve diversified sustainability.” Through the implementation of international standards and guidelines, and by setting clear sustainability goals, DFI was recognized by the judges and won the Corporate Sustainability Gold Award.