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Branson GMX-20DP Direct Press, GMX-20MA and GMX-W1 are Featured

Join Emerson at Productronica 2021, which is being held on Nov. 16-19, 2021, at Messe München in Munich, Germany. Marking the 75th anniversary of its BransonTM brand, Emerson is exhibiting in Hall B4, Stand 324 and presenting the latest plastic and metal joining solutions, including the recently introduced GMX-20DP Direct Press Ultrasonic Metal Welder and a range of other ultrasonic and laser welding products.

Of special interest to developers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic products in the automotive, consumer electronics and medical markets, the Direct Press welder offers solutions to a range of industrial challenges, including:

• Reliability: Ultrasonic welding can be monitored through time, energy, power and height limits, ensuring excellent process control.
• Cost savings: Elimination of consumables such as solder, flux, crimp connectors and braze materials makes ultrasonics the most cost-effective and environmentally safe process available for welding.
• Tool life: Multilobe ultrasonic tools are precision machined from high-quality tool steel, providing long life, ease of setup, and weld accuracy.
• Speed: Typical weld cycles are under 0.5 seconds.
• Low operating costs: Ultrasonics require less than 1/30 of the energy of resistance welding.
• Automation potential: Efficient size, minimal maintenance and orientation flexibility make Branson ultrasonic equipment the best choice for automatic assembly.
• Insulation dispersal: In most cases, the high-frequency scrubbing action of the ultrasonic process eliminates the need to strip insulation from magnet wire or preclean parts.

Other products of special interest include the Branson GMX-20MA ultrasonic metal spot welder and the GMX-W1 Ultrasonic Wire Splicer. The GMX-20MA joins nonferrous metals, including bus bars, foils, switches, and wire terminations in automotive electrical systems, electric vehicles, batteries and battery packs, power storage systems and related applications. The GMX-W1 splicer is a lightweight, compact and ergonomic system that can splice wires in-line, or in a pig-tail configuration. It is ideal for use as a portable unit on wire harness in-line assembly boards.

Emerson technology and expertise help customers with complex manufacturing demands achieve quality welds and deliver accurate and consistent performance while increasing productivity. Joining solutions overcome ROI threats by reducing labor costs and improving operational efficiency. Emerson expertise and Branson products help companies get products to market faster, with smart technology and support from a team of experts who understand their needs.

About Emerson

Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Our Automation Solutions business helps process, hybrid, and discrete manufacturers maximize production, protect personnel and the environment while optimizing their energy and operating costs. Our Commercial and Residential Solutions business helps ensure human comfort and health, protect food quality and safety, advance energy efficiency, and create sustainable infrastructure.