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Innoscience Technology, the company founded to create a global energy ecosystem based on high-performance, low-cost, gallium-nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) power solutions, will continue to demonstrate its focus and 100% commitment to the burgeoning GaN market via a powerful presence at the upcoming PCIM conference and exhibition in Nuremberg, May 9th – 11th.

Dr Denis Marcon, Innoscience’s General Manager, Europe, will attend a prestigious panel discussion entitled: “Reliability and quality requirements for SiC and GaN power devices” on Thursday 11th of May at 12:10pm at booth-7/480.

On booth 7.113, Innoscience will showcase exciting demos that prove GaN is all around us. The first mainstream application for GaN was in chargers, and Innoscience continues to excel in this market. Visitors to the booth will see a wide range of USB-PD chargers – from 65W up to 240W – that can charge phones, laptops and also other battery-powered devices such as e-bikes and power tools. Chargers powered by Innoscience’s GaN devices are much more compact and efficient than what was possible using silicon MOSFETs.

In particular, Innoscience is promoting the use of its InnoGaN™ HEMTs not only in the primary stage with high voltage parts also in the secondary stage with devices rated at 150V. 240W USB-PD chargers using the totem pole PFC+LLC topology, combined with the characteristics of GaN – i.e. no reverse recovery loss and very low switching losses – the 90VAC input low-voltage efficiency reaches 95%, industry’s highest, which solves the problem temperature rise. More, since the GaN Co(tr) capacitance parameter is small, LLC dead time can be set within 100ns, enabling the LLC working frequency to increase to a maximum of 400kHz, reducing the size of magnetic components and improving power density.

However, Innoscience’s booth is not just about chargers. Other demos include:

  • 200W LED driver using high voltage InnoGaN resulting in a much thinner and efficient solution than is possible with silicon;
  • 300W ultra thin power supply for TVs featuring high voltage InnoGaN. By using planar transformer design and high operating frequency scheme, the power supply  thickness can be reduced to just 8.5mm;
  • 1kW motor driver featuring the newly-introduced 100V half-bridge integrated LV InnoGaN solution (SolidGaN™ ISG3201). GaN enables switching frequencies above 100kHz, broadening the FOC control carrier ratio and improving the control bandwidth in high-speed motor applications. Also, SolidGaN’s extremely low dead zone (<50ns) effectively avoids the problem of harmonic distortion of the motor at low speed, without software dead-time compensation, reducing torque ripple.
  • 4kW PFC featuring high voltage InnoGaN with low on-resistance. Efficiency is driven to a very high level, meeting Titanium energy standards for applications such as data centres.
  • 2kW PSU featuring HV InnoGaN with low on-resistance. The front stage uses a totem pole, bridgeless PFC architecture, hard switching working mode. Simple to control, this demo PSU ably shows the advantages of GaN, exhibiting a peak efficiency of 96.2% and power density up to 76W/in3. This meets Titanium energy efficiency standards in data centres saving energy consumption, CO2 emission and operating costs.
  • 600W and 1kW 48V DC-DC converters featuring discrete or integrated InnoGaN solution and showing very high efficiency and power density that is at least twice what was possible using silicon MOSFETs

Other demos, a 400V dual active bridge developed with the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), and an 800V multi-level converter produced with Bern University (BFH) show the levels of international collaboration that Innoscience has achieved.

Details Dr. Denis Marcon, General Manager at Innoscience Europe: “GaN is truly that best power solution for very many applications, including ones you may not have considered. Please join us at PCIM and join the power revolution.”