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Viastore COO Thomas Hibinger and Interroll CEO Ingo Steinkrüger announced their companies’ collaboration at LogiMAT one year ago. Based on Interroll’s modular platform technology, viastore expanded its mechanical portfolio to include its own conveyor technology solution, viaconvey. Today, viastore is in the thick of things—in projects with individually conceived and designed material flow systems for tomorrow.

By taking the step of further strengthening its mechanical conveyor technology competence in addition to its proven viaspeed and viapal stacker cranes, viastore offers its customers the advantage of being able to design and configure their material-flow systems even more individually and independently, thus increasing their efficiency. For this purpose, viastore accesses Interroll’s modular platform: conveyor rollers, motors and drives for conveyor systems, conveyors and sorters.

«We are very pleased about the trusting cooperation with viastore, which we were able to further intensify over the course of the last year. It is a pioneering example of partnerships in which the companies involved combine their respective core competencies and strengths—to the benefit of users of material handling solutions in many countries around the world,» explains Steinkrüger.

Both companies use common technology platforms, intensifying the exchange of know-how and the use of tools to optimize processes from planning to installation. The systems will be controlled by viastore’s proven viacontrol solution.

«This step strengthens our customer focus,» says Hibinger. «We are thus expanding our product and service offering from planning to spare parts supply and, as a result, the benefits for our customers.»