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First Prizes Awarded to a Turkish Photographer and a British Videographer

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual and EdTech solutions, has announced the top 10 winners of the Photography and Videography categories of the 4th ColorPro Awards: RISE. In celebration of the exceptional talents showcased, the company hosted an exhibition in the heart of London, showcasing the outstanding artworks of both the winners and finalists.

“Through the ColorPro Awards, we have fostered a global community where creators can connect and achieve visual excellence in their artistic expression. This year’s winners have brilliantly captured the theme of ‘RISE,’ bringing forth diverse stories of personal growth and resilience from around the world,” said Oscar Lin, General Manager of the Monitor Business Unit at ViewSonic. ”These artworks provide a source of inspiration for us to rise above challenges, embrace transformation, and pursue positive change.”

In this edition of the ColorPro Awards, many finalists drew inspiration from nature for their artworks, employing it as symbolism for growth and resilience in harmony with the overarching ‘RISE’ theme. Their skillful depictions of natural environments and landscapes express their unique perspective on what it means to rise. Moreover, certain winners earned the judges’ admiration for their adept portrayal of authentic human moments, demonstrating a strong ability to evoke emotions through powerful storytelling.

Award-winning Photography
The top honors in the Photography category went to a captivating submission from Turkey titled “The Return of the Buffalo Shepherd.” This photograph chronicles the daily journey of a buffalo shepherd guiding his herd of around five hundred through the enchanting Hürmetçi Grasslands. From the early summer morning haze to the dusty path under the setting sun, the shepherd’s horse rears, and his loyal dog nudges the straggling buffaloes, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

Securing the second prize is the photograph aptly named “RISE.” It portrays a woman lying in a field of plants, which serves as a symbol of transformation. Just as plants flourish in the face of obstacles, humanity, too, navigates life’s challenges, emerging stronger and wiser. The image invites viewers to contemplate the resilient spirit that blossoms amid adversity, echoing the universal journey of personal growth.

In the third prize entry, “Caro boy,” the narrative unfolds the inspiring tale of the Karo tribe, residing southeast of the Omo River in Ethiopia. With a population just exceeding 1,000, their survival is intricately tied to agriculture and the natural floods of the Omo River. Their resilience echoes the theme, showcasing humanity’s extraordinary capacity to rise above adversity and overcome challenges.

Award-winning Videography
The 4th edition of the ColorPro Awards marked the introduction of the Videography category, presenting a new avenue for artists to express their creative vision. The category’s top honor went to a short film from the UK, aptly titled “RISE,” where the artist skillfully transforms her passion into a visual spectacle. Taking her modest budget, which prevents extravagant location shoots, as an opportunity, the artist weaves a narrative that stays true to her roots—one that is deeply personal in its depiction of resilience and determination as she rises to the challenge of achieving her dreams.

The film, «Jordan – Collect memories, not things,» received the Videography category’s second prize. It narrates a 25th birthday gift from a dear friend: a journey to Jordan that transcends the tangible. Emphasizing the human connections formed through shared adventures, it underscores the priceless significance of experiences over material possessions.

In the third prize-winning Videography entry, titled «Why I Travel The World Alone,» the artist depicts his captivating four-year-long solo journey across the world. This visually stunning narrative mirrors the overarching theme of «RISE» through its portrayal of arduous hikes, mountaintop conquests, personal sacrifices, and an unfulfilled childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. While the dream remains unrealized, it sparks the artist’s new passion: navigating the world’s heights with a drone. The video shows the artist’s personal evolution and self-discovery, emphasizing that dreams, though unfulfilled, can act as steppingstones to rise to new heights.

To celebrate the winning artwork, ViewSonic is hosting exhibitions across three global cities. These exhibitions, complemented by workshops and ColorPro Talks panel discussions, aim to encourage more interaction among creators, industry partners, and visitors.