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Transposafe is a European partner for sealing and securing your valuable goods. With more than 30 years experience in supply chain security, Transposafe expands its physical & online presence to better support their customers.

Transposafe serves the transport, retail, manufacturing and healthcare industries, among others, with products ranging from security seals, tamper-evident tape and labels to self-sealing bags and secured medical bags for biological material handling.

To facilitate the order process for standard products, Transposafe launches an online shop offering a wide range of security seals, tamper-evident labels, sealbags & medical bags, including temperature tracking solutions. With more than 50 types of seals, lots of products on stock & many customisation options, Transposafe can efficiently serve any customer request.

In addition to the online shop, experts can also visit the customers to better understand & support any customer, including with fully customised & innovative solutions.

The launch of the new webshop will further enhance Transposafe’s position as a provider of asset protection, fraud prevention and security products to the European market.

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About Transposafe

Founded in The Netherlands in 1991, acquired by Brady Corporation in 2007, Transposafe has been a safety & supply chain solutions provider for over 30 years. Dedication to their customer allows them to understand challenges and problems in their customer’s supply chain from A to Z. They use their knowledge to implement customised solutions to ensure and optimise safety and security in the supply chain. More information is available on the Internet at Transposafe’s products protect and identify valuable consignments, and is a substantive addition to Brady’s products that identify and protect premises, products and people.