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Global technology, software and engineering leader Emerson will present its Floor to Cloud™ hydrogen solutions at Hyvolution in Paris, January 30 through February 1, 2024. Emerson will demonstrate how this tailored, scalable approach to automation can improve efficiency and optimize operational performance for projects of any size throughout the hydrogen value chain.

Visitors to booth L26 in pavilion 4 can view the latest valves, regulators, pressure sensors, industrial hardware, analytics software and other technologies that are advancing the green hydrogen landscape.

Presentation highlights:
Emerson will demonstrate the latest innovations driving H2 production, storage and safety. Using a comprehensive H2 skid display, attendees can see the Floor to Cloud approach in use. Within the display, a PEM electrolyzer with field devices, water tank and stack will simulate the production of hydrogen and feed a smart hydrogen refueling station. Each step within the process is enhanced by intelligent sensors and automation solutions that deliver real-time data to intuitive software and analytics programs to increase efficiency, lower energy consumption and drive safety and performance.

Emerson experts Jérôme Desmoulières, director of sales and marketing for sustainability and decarbonization development, and Nicolas Marti, business development manager of hydrogen and alternative fuel solutions, will discuss the key factors necessary to successfully scale-up the hydrogen economy. All Hyvolution attendees are invited to join the conversation on February 1 at 11:00 a.m. in pavilion 4 at forum 1.

Product highlights:

Hydrogen-natural gas blending solutions
Emerson offers a comprehensive and innovative solution for injecting hydrogen into natural gas pipelines or at specific industrial consumption points. The system includes equipment and instruments for gas metering, pressure and flow control, quantitative analysis, control systems, digitalization, odorant injection and safety assurance. Combined, these solutions increase safety and optimize performance while meeting normative requirements even within the most demanding hydrogen applications.

Measurement Solutions
As the demand for green hydrogen grows, so does production. One way to create green hydrogen is through PEM electrolysis. For natural gas distributors and OEMs, hydrogen presents a unique opportunity, but to be successful, they must achieve production targets. Advanced Measurement Solutions can increase overall efficiency and profitability by reducing labor processes and maintenance costs.

Rosemount™ Pressure Sensors
Rosemount pressure sensors for high-pressure applications deliver unmatched reliability and accuracy within the harshest environments. Industry-leading high-pressure capabilities (up to 1379 bar) increase safety and minimize downtime.

TESCOM™ 26-2000 Series Regulator and ER5000 Electropneumatic Controller
Improve the accuracy of fuel dispensing systems while limiting loss. The TESCOM 26-2000 Series regulator is ideal for use in pressure filling applications, calibration testing, component testing and product cycle testing. When paired with the TESCOM ER5000 electropneumatic controller, the closed loop system provides extensive data acquisition, removes inaccuracies and offers precise and consistent results.

TESCOM VA Valve Series
The air-operated TESCOM VA Valve Series delivers superior tightness within a compact footprint. Designed for liquid and gas applications with operating pressures of 6000, 10,000 and 15,000 psig / 414, 690 and 1034 bar, the VA Valve Series features a high cycle life and is available with an optional integrated solenoid valve.

Rosemount Gas Chromatography
Engineered for applications where critical gas measurement is needed, Rosemount sets the standard for gas chromatography and natural gas analysis. Designed for fiscal and custody transfer applications requiring C6+BTU/CV to C9+ analysis with hydrocarbon dew point, Rosemount gas chromatographs (GCs) are equipped with MON software to unlock data and provide greater insight into the GC process and performance. The user-friendly platform gives operators the ability to easily configure, operate and manage the analyzer locally or remotely and can be integrated with standard and customized solutions.

Rosemount Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector
Utilizing four ultrasensitive acoustic sensors, Incus provides the widest overall gas detection range available on the market, with operation up to 40 meters (130 feet). The quad sensing heads reliably safegaurd your operation using constant monitoring that is unaffected by inclement weather, wind, leak direction or gas dilution or stratification. Incus delivers results even within well-ventilated outdoor environments and within the most extreme conditions.

KTM™ Series EF1 Floating Ball Valves
In response to the growing demand for safety within flammable applications and environmental requirements to reduce fugitive emissions down to a minimum, Emerson has introduced a groundbreaking advancement in its KTM Series EB and Series EF ball valves. This innovation comes in the form of a distinctive process ball valve that not only meets the standard for fugitive emission certification but also complies with fire safe test requirements, all within a single, comprehensive design. The new design incorporates a sophisticated spindle seal and body split seal arrangement to guarantee a fire-safe, predefined axial load distribution and a maintenance-free operation. KTM Series EF1 floating ball valves are ISO 15848 CO3- and API 641-compliant for fugitive emissions and also meet the fire safe standard API 607 7th edition, making them suitable for a diverse range of gaseous hydrogen applications.

KTM Series EB1 OM-2 Split Body Floating Ball Valves