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The advanced and sustainable propulsion systems range of FPT Industrial, the Iveco Group brand dedicated to the design, production, and sale of low-environmental impact powertrains, starred at the launch of the new IVECO Model Year 24 range during the IVECO event, held in Barcelona on November 15th.

In order to remark the fundamental role played by FPT Industrial in supporting IVECO in driving the road of change of the commercial transport industry, each of the new vehicle models displayed in the Walkaround area was flanked by its FPT Industrial powertrain, introduced by a brand product expert.
This presence by the new IVECO full range of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles was conceived perfectly in tune with the event concept “BE THE CHANGE”, since IVECO and FPT Industrial together encourage customers and partners to feel the pulse of change throughout the industry and embrace it.

Products displayed included the N67 NG for the Eurocargo CNG, the XC13 diesel for the IVECO S-Way, IVECO X-Way and IVECO T-Way, the F1C Diesel for the Daily, the eBS 37 EVO battery pack and eCD 140 central drive for the eDaily and the eAx840 elecric axle for the S-eWay Fuel Cell.

“Our 360-degree vision of sustainability, intended as the complex of actions that lead to the realization of a product, to include processes, environmental and social impact, and raw materials and energy supply, found in Barcelona its proper celebration,” stated Daniele Pozzo, Head of Marketing and Product Portfolio at FPT Industrial. “Thanks to IVECO, our green engines and systems come out from the vehicle and had the opportunity to showcase their pivotal importance in the energy transition process all we are involved in.”

The new XC13 successfully combines performance, emissions goals, reliability, and everyday needs. Being the first FPT Industrial multi-fuel single base engine means it is compatible with a wide range of market requirements, with limited impact on vehicle installation. The diesel version presented in Barcelona delivers best-in-class power and torque up to 580 hp @ 2,800 Nm, and best in class braking power up to 530 kW @ 2,300 rpm. A 10% weight reduction vs previous generation is realized thanks to the new cylinder head and block materials.
New technology includes a unique turbocharger design with divided flow for the diesel version which, with proprietary FPT Industrial software, improved combustion efficiency and reduced friction of the engine components, allowing the attainment of both performance and sustainability benefits. The XC13 is already available in diesel and methane versions, with future provision for hydrogen technology. A primary contributor to achieving the 2025 fleet-wide CO2 emission target, the XC13, together with aerodynamics, driveline and GPS predictive drive improvements, delivers up to 10% reduction of CO2 emissions and is ready for next generation emission challenges.

The 37kWh eBS 37 EVO battery pack for LCVs is a high-voltage battery with high energy density of up to 140Wh/kg and fast charging/discharging time. The multipack option allows for high flexibility and makes it possible to fit several applications. High performance and efficiency, to deliver max traction power to electric vehicles, are coupled with top reliability and durability. This maintenance-free battery pack is designed for over 2,500 charging/discharging cycles and is offered with up to eight years’ warranty according to mission profile. New class-leading safety features (ECE R100.3) complete the picture.

The eCD 140 Central Drive is a compact and complete solution for integrating electric drive systems into existing conventional vehicles architecture with optimized residual space for installation of battery packs. For rear-wheel drive applications, as with all FPT Industrial products, the eCD 140 is extremely durable, efficient and reliable with up to 350,000 km lifetime.

The eBS 37 battery model is also at the center of a new partnership between FPT Industrial and Reefilla, an innovative Turin-based startup offering the first predictive mobile charging service for commercial fleets and private users. The pilot project aims to give a second life to batteries from electric commercial vehicles and minibuses. eBS 37 batteries no longer suitable for powering electric traction will be delivered to Reefilla, which will recover the batteries’ modules and over 50% of their internal components. The components will then be installed in Reefilla’s Fillee mobile power banks, for use in recharging its clients’ electric vehicles.

Launched in the US in 2022, as the first integrated eAxle for Heavy Duty Vehicles and realized from scratch to production in just two years, the eAX 840-R is now available for the European electric heavy commercial vehicles market. Entirely produced at FPT Industrial carbon neutral ePowertrain Plant in Turin (Italy), the eAX 840-R is a dual-eMotor axle for vehicles up to 44 tons GCVW which guarantees high performance and efficiency, reliability, and low TCO for heavy-duty truck applications, with long oil change intervals and a lifetime of up to 1,200,000 km. All the mechanical and electrical components are integrated into a lean axle structure, in order to maximize residual vehicle space following installation. These electric products are designed to fully integrate all ePowertrain elements into a compact solution, capable of accommodating both the commercial load and the battery packs. The new eAxles offer outstanding performance and reliability, according to the mission application.

The most powerful and successful natural gas engines on the European market for medium trucks, the Euro VI Step E compliant N67 NG is compatible with CNG, LNG and Biomethane. Featuring best-in-class performance of up to 280 HP and 1000 Nm, low fuel consumption, reduced engine noise compared to diesel engines thanks to FPT Industrial’s multipoint stoichiometric combustion, this proven natural gas engine allows for reductions in CO2 emissions of up to -10% (WHTC) vs equivalent diesel engines and achieves zero CO2 emissions when fueled with biomethane. Optimized for city and medium-range missions, it delivers best-in-class durability of up 450,000 km and best-in-class service intervals up to 70,000 km for regional mission, guaranteeing transport companies and municipalities exactly what they need to balance ecologic and economic issues. Euro VI Step E compliance comes courtesy of a simple aftertreatment system with three-way catalyst with CPF and without EGR. The no-EGR solution also ensures high reliability, low fuel consumption and faster transient response, while the Nickel-Resist cast-iron exhaust manifold and water-cooled wastegate turbocharger guarantee trouble-free, reliable operation.

The F1C has been specifically designed for Light Commercial Vehicles and all its features have been developed to improve reliability, durability and serviceability. F1C engines lead the category in terms of power, up to 210 HP, and torque, up to 470 Nm. Transient time-to-torque is the shortest in its class. Thermodynamic performance is optimized by advanced air handling systems. Exceptional load response, extreme efficiency and best-in-class power and torque output are achieved with electronic variable geometry turbo compressor, engine friction reduction, variable displacement oil pump, cooling system optimization, down speeding calibration, latest-generation Common Rail technology, multi-valve distribution, maintenance-free hydraulic valve adjusters. 400,000 km durability and 50,000 km service intervals are the results of mechanical excellence, optimized DPF regeneration and minimum oil consumption.