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The automotive industry is undergoing a major shift towards electric vehicles, and battery safety is a top priority. Protecting the battery pack against fire is one of the main concerns of OEMs.

Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems, sealing specialist and expert in elastomer formulation, has developed a fire-resistant EPDM compound for automotive applications in electric vehicles.

This new EPDM meets the requirements of UL94, V-0, the most stringent level of fire resistance. It has the significant advantage of containing no halogens, substances that are controversial for their toxicity, making it not only safer, but also more sustainable than other materials on the market.

Excellent fire resistance and sealing performance:
• Fire resistance to UL94 V-0 standard
• Halogen-free
• Optimized Compression Set
• Excellent low-temperature performance
• Better chemical compatibility with sealing fluids
• Blue compound for easy identification of the seal in its environment

The main applications for this new material are battery pack gaskets and seals for the battery pack cooling circuit (quick connectors, sensors) to prevent coolant from coming in contact with the battery cells. Battery protection is then guaranteed in the event of flame propagation. Its use can be extended to electric motor cooling applications and battery peripheral equipment.

Its chemical characteristics and excellent fire resistance also make it a promising choice for demanding industrial and aerospace applications.