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The annual event in industrial dimensional metrology celebrated its 20th anniversary on 10th, 11th, and 12th April. Metromeet, the conference organised by Innovalia Association, gathered together leading international experts to talk about trends, new projects, and applications of metrology in different sectors and new developments in measurement technologies.

«Discover. Connect. Meet».  “Discover” the implications of industrial dimensional metrology; “Connect” with other speakers, attendees, and companies for future partnerships and, “Meet” industry workers and experts from leading multinationals and organisations, for whom Metromeet creates the opportunity to meet in person.

Keynotes, tutorial, and special presentations

Metromeet has once again gathered together national and international experts.

Toni Ventura (Datapixel) opened the conference with a talk on metrology automation, a major opportunity for agile manufacturing, in which he highlighted that “we are at the beginning of an era of transformation and innovation in smart manufacturing and automation.” Dr. Stephen Kyle (University College London) presented an online platform to promote and develop 3D measurement and 3D metrology (3DM), a repository including resources from system manufacturers, suppliers, and research sources.  Professor José Antonio Yagüe Fabra (University of Zaragoza) gave an overview of his interventions at Metromeet over the years and a tutorial on machine tool verification, exploring the need to ensure adequate and accurate performance of large machines used to manufacture large parts for sectors where any slightest failure can be safety critical. Dr. Edward Morse (University North Carolina at Charlotte) focused his presentation on the international standard ISO 10360-13, its adoption and use in coordinate measuring systems (CMS), in which he estimated that “within 5 years all systems will have this standard applied”.

Other interventions

Metromeet divided the presentations thematically, in order to create more association between them.

The first track was ‘Digital Transformation’ with Dr. Dimitris Kyritsis (EPFL; University of Oslo) talking about “Digital Cognitive Twins”, their characteristics and scenarios – both present and future – in which to find them; and Claudio Turrin (SamSoftware) talked about a new digital manufacturing ontology editor that offers functional modelling of the finished product, creating an impact on the whole process.

Under the theme of “Calibration,” Dr. Thomas Engel (Siemens AG) presented digital calibration certificates and their role in the production cycle and a use case on dynamic vision images. He stressed that “data spaces are key for data validation and data privacy” and that “dynamic vision is very promising for metrology applications.” Dr. Adriana Valcu (Romanian Measurement Society) gave a talk on new methods adopted for the determination of errors and associated uncertainties within the calibrated range of a digital caliper.

In the ‘Industrial Metrology Applications’ part Andrea Pelegrino (GEATOP srl) talked about the automation of wind farm jacket fitting automation and how they had managed to reduce assembly time by 75%, without losing quality at any point in the process. Dr. Octavio Icasio (CENAM) explored the performance tests of an SLS, tests described in the VDI/VDE 2634-2 guideline and the ISO 10360-13 standard.


This year’s edition has also recovered one of its most special days, Metromeet&Wine, holding the last day at the Eguren Ugarte winery in Laguardia. A different experience without a doubt, enjoying the presentations in a more informal and closer environment.

Ainhoa Etxabarri (Innovalia Metrology) was the first speaker at Metromeet&Wine, opening the day with a presentation within the “Industrial Metrology Applications” track on “5axis machines for AM metal, by means of contact and optical 3D scanning”. Dr. Pablo Puerto (IDEKO) and Dr. Samanta Piano (University of Nottingham) were in charge of the ‘Solutions and Automation in Metrology’ track. Pablo spoke about the TACCO project, within the area of photogrammetry, highlighting that it is a pioneering project in the market that helps to increase flexibility and productivity. As for Samanta, she addressed the importance of optical metrology in fast-growing sectors such as the automotive or medical industry, an area that has become an essential tool to ensure quality and accuracy in the inspection of complex components.

The last track was on “advances in standards and uncertainty analysis.” Dr. Alessandro Balsamo (INRIM) gave us a short tutorial on the differences between the terms of ‘calibration’, ‘verification’ and ‘uncertainties in testing’. Terms that are used incorrectly in many occasions. Jesús Paredes (Tekniker) presented his work on confocal microscopes through strategies based on the Monte Carlo approach and through the optical instrument, the SNEOX microscope.

The presentations concluded with a round table discussion with Jesús de la Maza, Toni Ventura, Edward Morse and Dimitris Kyritsis wrapping up the whole event, views and feedback on it and ideas for what is about to come for metrology in the next years. In addition, Toni was the lucky winner of the honorary txapela of the event and a scarf of Athletic Club Bilbao, which celebrated its victory in the Copa del Rey after 40 years.

The conference has once again fulfilled its objective of sharing knowledge, experiences and debating the latest trends and the future of the world of metrology and industry.