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Nordson EFD

Experience a new level of ease with Nordson EFD’s UltimusPlus™ dispensers. Train operators in seconds with intuitive touchscreen control of dispensing parameters. Designed to simplify setup and operation, the UltimusPlus allows operators to focus on making accurate, controlled deposits. Improve process control with full operator lockout of time, pressure, and vacuum settings.

Boost productivity with an optional barcode scanner that allows you to alternate between 16 dispensing programs by scanning the barcode.

Automation-ready, the network-capable UltimusPlus dispenser allows direct communication with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or other manufacturing plant controller using the NX (network connectivity) protocol via Ethernet. An internal Dispense Log automatically records dispense data and can be easily downloaded locally from a USB port or remotely from an FTP site for process verification to comply with regulatory approvals.

NX capability allows you to program and monitor all dispensing parameters directly from a PLC or computer, providing complete remote accessibility to save time and improve operational efficiency.


  • Electronic pressure regulation with full operator lockout
  • MultiShot™ capability to dispense multiple shots from a single press of the foot pedal
  • Web interface access from a tablet, PC, or mobile device
  • Nordson NX Client Application included, Windows-based graphical user interface (GUI)


  • Improve process control with full operator lockout that prevents unauthorized changes
  • Minimize cycle time and reduce operator fatigue by minimizing repetitive movements with MultiShot
  • Improve operational efficiency and save time by programming and monitoring dispenser settings from a PLC or personal computer
  • Support Smart Factory integration using Ethernet compatibility with NX protocol via TCP/IP
  • Use client application for in-place troubleshooting and to simplify NX protocol implementation
  • Reduce factory air consumption and operating costs with first-to-market Sleep Mode

Don’t Forget to Order Your Components

EFD Optimum® components are designed to work with your dispenser as part of a complete, integrated system that produces the most accurate, repeatable deposits possible.

  • Adapter assembly
  • Syringe barrels
  • SmoothFlow™ pistons
  • Dispensing tips
  • Tip caps and end caps