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FPT Industrial, the Iveco Group brand dedicated to the design, production, and sale of low-environmental impact powertrains, is exhibiting at AGRITECHNICA 2023, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery, being held in Hanover (Germany) from 12 to 18 November 2023 (Hall 15, stand J07).

At this key event, FPT Industrial is showcasing its leadership in the agricultural powertrain sector, based on a proven full-range portfolio covering all applications, a growing number of satisfied customers and a worldwide yearly production of over 100,000 agricultural engines, and confirmed year after year through ground-breaking innovations and improvements.

According to the Brand’s vision, 21st century farmers are, more than ever, called to balance the demands of productivity with those of sustainability. That’s why the brand is reaffirming its steady commitment to continuously improving internal combustion diesel engines, paired with the introduction of totally sustainable fuels such as hydrogen and biomethane, while keeping on pioneering on new, zero-emission electric powertrains, as well as hybrid solutions.
This commitment is perfectly expressed by the showcased products visitors can admire inside the brand-new stand, designed following the results of a study conducted together with the Polytechnic University of Milan. The study analyzed the stand’s global carbon footprint by taking into consideration materials, goods and people transports, energy consumption during the fair, set-up and dismantling, just to name some factors.
For example, all the materials needed to build the booth will be transported from Italy to Hanover, and back, by a fleet of IVECO S-Way trucks, powered by FPT Industrial Cursor 13 NG engines and fueled by bioLNG provided by Shell, contributing to drive emissions toward zero.
After the exhibition, FPT Industrial will verify the residual emissions to compensate them through the purchase of certified carbon credits.

Sylvain Blaise, President of Iveco Group Powertrain Business Unit, said: “Our goal is to provide farmers with the widest range of powerful, efficient and sustainable solutions. We are ready to satisfy their ever-evolving needs in all agricultural operations, promoting top productivity and future fossil energy independence. We strongly believe in a more than ever sustainable agriculture, and our products display together with the ‘nature’ of our stand clearly demonstrates the extent of our commitment.”

The new XC13, the first multi-fuel single-base engine of FPT Industrial, will see the premiere of its hydrogen version. Designed with a common core, but optimized to run with multiple fuels, from diesel and natural gas – including biomethane – to hydrogen and renewable fuels, XC13 offers maximum component standardization and easier integration into the final product.
The concept engine XC13 H2 is an additional technology in the FPT Industrial portfolio for zero-CO2 emission solutions, offering customers the familiarity they are used to with traditional machines.
Already successfully applied in an off-road vehicle, the XC13 H2 powers the PRINOTH LEITWOLF h2MOTION, the world’s first hydrogen snow groomer. This new concept vehicle is, indeed, equipped with the new FPT Industrial XC13 Hydrogen version, a 13-liter, six-cylinder engine, relying on superior, direct fuel injection technology.

The F28 Hybrid harnesses a diesel engine paired with an e-flywheel, combining high performance and low fuel consumption in a compact package.
The in-line four-cylinder engine delivers maximum power of 75 hp, while the electric motor adds 27 hp of continuous power and 40 hp of peak power. Its integrated layout allows for plug & play replacement of larger diesel versions. The F28 Hybrid is the best solution for effective use of agricultural e-implements, guaranteeing improved efficiency thanks to engine downsizing and optimized powertrain-implement coupling.
The F28 Hybrid has been designed using a modular approach with current 48 V P1 configuration, scalable to a high voltage P2 layout, enabling higher power output and plug-in solutions for zero-emissions operations (indoor/stable/greenhouse activities).

The F36 PowerPack Stage V is part of FPT Industrial’s comprehensive Power Units offering. It represents a powerful, flexible and reliable solution for stationary and semi-stationary applications. The compact ATS pack mounted on the engine, including the urea injection system and all required sensors and manifolds, eliminates the need for development of a dedicated exhaust system. A range of options such as alternators, starters, water and air preheating, and different urea tank sizes provide further flexibility for customer installations. Single-side access allows for easy and quick maintenance, while the 600-hour service interval maximizes uptime.

The growing interest in electrified solutions in the agricultural sector requires specific and advanced battery packs, able to cope with the wide range of field and transport operations involved in modern farm management.
Made in collaboration with Microvast, designed and developed to perfectly fit off-road applications, the FPT Industrial eBS42 battery pack is an advanced energy-storage solution for zero-emissions agricultural equipment.
Delivering best-in-class energy density for top performance and featuring a high level of flexibility thanks to the multipack solution, this battery pack can be installed on a variety of agricultural equipment, thus satisfying different customer mission profiles and requirements.

A key member of the successful NEF engine family, with more than 2 million units produced since 2001, the N45 is a robust, reliable and versatile engine, featuring a wide range of configurations and options to fulfill all agricultural needs and to make installation easier in all off-road machinery. Showcased for the first time in the 147kW version, dedicated to the most demanding agricultural applications, the N45 owes its continuous success among farmers to its efficiency, EGR-free and maintenance-free ATS layout and industry-leading service intervals up to 1,200 hours. All these peculiar features greatly contribute to lower the TCO of a wide variety of agricultural equipment.

With over 20 years’ experience and more than 80,000 units sold globally, FPT Industrial is leading the introduction of Natural Gas technology in off-road segment applications, with customized engine solutions for installation on agricultural equipment.
The N67 Natural Gas is the ultimate clean-energy solution specifically designed for open-field tractors.
The engine, in fact, achieves near-net-zero carbon emissions, or even negative, when running on biomethane, thus enabling circular ecosystems in agriculture.
Delivering the same performance as its diesel equivalent in terms of power, torque and durability, the N67 NG ensures diesel-like drivability and performance for an unchanged customer experience, while reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture operations.
The N67 NG powers the “Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2022” – New Holland’s T6.180 Methane Power.
Being constantly connected and completely informed on the health status of their equipment and particularly their engines is of the utmost importance for farmers when it comes to getting the job done. FPT Industrial Customer Service works to provide all farmers with tailor-made solutions to maximize their engines’ efficiency, performances, up-time and durability.
Thanks to the Proactive Assistance, customers have a direct connection with the Control Room, a tool that analyzes the data of complete fleets or single engines, reporting any possible anomaly and suggesting useful optimizations.
By downloading the MYFPT app, farmers can consult their engines’ technical info, access user manuals and define the list of necessaries spare parts, being directly in contact with FPT Industrial assistance network.
Through the FPT Industrial Bluetooth Dongle connection, farmers can monitor engine performance and fault codes in real time, optimizing daily usage and constantly checking the engine status.