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Mitsubishi Electric has launched the MELFA RV-12CRL vertical articulated robot, which offers 1,504 mm reach and 12 kg payload capacity. The robot’s wide effective working area makes it suitable for a variety of processes and industries, including food & beverage, automotive, lithium-ion battery manufacturing, logistics and warehousing. Users will also be able to take advantage of built-in functions that streamline implementation, enhance safety and reduce downtime.

The high payload capacity and category-leading reach means the latest MELFA robot can deliver high flexibility and versatility in pick-and-place as well as assembly applications. Performance is also enhanced by the RV-12CRL’s ability to operate at high speeds, with the arm designed to accommodate high inertia and momentum. This resilience means the robot can support precise positioning even when handling heavy loads, maintaining accuracies of ±0.04 mm.

The six-axis robot can be equipped with MELFA SafePlus for extended safety functions. This uses sensors such as light curtains to limit speed, torque and reach when human workers are detected nearby, allowing it to operate without safety cages. The ability to safely work in shared spaces without having to stop whenever a worker approach makes it effective in flexible production environments.

As with the rest of the RV-CR series, the robot is designed to maximise reliability and service life, reducing the total cost of ownership. This includes the use of next-generation servo motors with battery-less encoders that eliminate the need for battery replacements or backups, slashing both maintenance costs and downtime.

Oliver Giertz, Strategic Product Manager for EMEA Region at Mitsubishi Electric, says: “We are excited to introduce the MELFA RV-12CRL robot. Thanks to its innovative features and performance, this latest addition to our range offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for repetitive handling operations involving large and heavy items.”